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About Us

Custom Auto Fabrication Shop & Aftermarket Performance Parts Manufacturer

If you're anything like us here at Dedicated Motorsports, you have a need for speed that gives you the desire to drive high-performance cars and to push that performance to the ultimate, whether dealing with your cherished weekend ride, your daily driver or your track racer. As a premier-quality performance parts manufacturer and high-performance tuning shop, we have what you need to push the limits of your Cadillac, Camaro or Corvette, Lexus IS300, Nissan Z car, or Subaru WRX. We can provide you with the best aftermarket performance parts, automotive racing parts and high-performance conversion kits, such as the auxiliary fuel filter kits and flex fuel kits featured here on this page. Whether you need parts to complete your own build or want us to perform your dream build for you, our custom auto fabrication shop is at your service and we're confident we can meet or exceed all your expectations.