DMS Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit for '09-'13 ZR1 Corvette
DMS Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit for '09-'13 ZR1 Corvette

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DMS Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit for 2009-2013 Corvette ZR1

One of the most important (and often overlooked) aspects of aftermarket fuel systems is post-pump filtration. In the case of the 2009-2013 Corvette ZR1, this aspect of filtration was overlooked from the factory altogether. In stock form, the ZR1 Corvette comes equipped with only one fuel filter: a pre-pump unit which is encased within the fuel pump assembly. It is a non-serviceable cellulose paper element with an unknown micron rating, and was not engineered for use with ethanol-based fuels.

With many people making the switch to ethanol-based fuels, proper filtration becomes critical in order to prevent debris and contamination from reaching the inlets of the fuel injectors, subsequently causing deviation in flow which can lead to everything from leaks and hard-starts, to lean misfires, unstable idle characteristics, poor drivability, and on the extreme end…catastrophic engine damage.

Due to the hygroscopic nature of ethanol-based fuels (meaning simply, that it is prone to absorb water from the atmosphere), cellulose paper elements are not compatible for use with E85. This is due to the swelling, restriction of flow, and eventual breaking-down of the paper filter element over time, as water that has been absorbed by the fuel is now being continually cycled through the system. Once the paper filters begin to break down, this component (which was originally engineered to protect the fuel injectors) is now responsible for their contamination and inevitable deviation in flow.

In order to prevent the negative effects of improper filtration, a suitable ethanol-specific fuel filter MUST be implemented. Based on extensive research, the only aftermarket fuel filter which is up to the task utilizes a 6-micron micro-fiberglass element and is manufactured by a company called Fuelab. However, because this filter is manufactured with AN fittings machined onto the ends of the housing, finding a way to implement this into their fuel systems has always been the biggest challenge for ZR1 Corvette owners across the globe. Until now…

The Dedicated Motorsports Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit allows one to quickly and easily install this filter in their system in a matter of minutes with simple hand tools (and is compatible with the DSX Flex Fuel Kits as well). Our fuel filter kit uses a waterjet-cut aluminum mounting bracket, mandrel-bent stainless-steel tubing, quick-connect fittings, and ethanol-certified fuel hose.

Based on independent lab testing, this 6-micron micro fiberglass filter element captures contamination down to 4 microns with 98.4% efficiency, and 99.9% efficiency at 6 microns and above. For those concerned about restriction, it also flows 757 gallons per hour worth of fuel, with 0.25 psi of pressure drop across a new element. No other filter on the market can match this level of flow and capture efficiency. Do not take the risk with your injectors and engine. This is the 'insurance policy' your fuel system needs.

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